Poke Guru

Branding, Print & Digital, Web Design

Creative projects created for Poke Guru, a fast-healthy restaurant in Indianapolis.
Working with Marta Plusa’s amazing illustrations and Jes Nijjer's lovely pictures, my mission was to design the restaurant's menu cards – both in printed and digital versions – with a clean and modern look so customers could easily read and create their poke bowl. A responsive mobile-friendly website has been designed to help Poke Guru express his unique identity and concept through an accurate and minimal style.


Adam Odgaard,
Founder of Poke Guru
Indianapolis - USA

It has been a real pleasure working with Johanna!
Key areas that made us working together so well was Johanna’s quick and effective communication as she worked to develop all of my branding. It was very helpful that she would provide a few versions as a first step in which we could then tweak and move forward towards a final product. I felt as if she understood everything I was requesting (which could have potentially proven difficult considering we communicate only through email) and had the insight and talent to also incorporate her touch on the final product. Finally, her artistic talent always made me happy with the end result: a clean and powerful branding package that makes a statement for my company.