A small introduction about myself

I'm Johanna Roussel, a passionate Graphic Artist & Freelance Designer from Bordeaux (France) currently based in Spain. I love designing creative graphic solutions for any advertising issue. For more than 15 years, I grew up expressing my creativity inside several international graphic agencies. I gained  strong experience in Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Print, and Marketing. From small businesses to large international companies, I help you build a strong presence through design, marketing, and consulting services.

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Designing creative images
with high visual impacts.

Creative Skills

I'm a hard worker with high ambitions. I always try to give the best of myself and use every opportunity to challenge and improve my creative skills.


Bringing a fresh perspective to your brand, this is what I live for! Attracted by minimal and contemporary design style, I love to create clean, smart and effective works that inspire people. Diverse design skills set allow me to work in multiple areas of my field, though I see myself specialized in Graphic & Editorial Design as well as Branding & Illustration.

Web Design

Web is everywhere... I see Internet as a free zone where I can let my creativity express itself without any limitations. Combining aesthetic designs and subtle details to innovative interfaces, I desire to provide affordable, high-quality, user-friendly & responsive professional websites or mailers to individuals and companies.

Advertising & Print

Developing new and appropriate visual solutions to complex communications problems, I have a full understanding of digital print production as well as a thorough knowledge of typography, space, image, and color. I also use my marketing skills to generate strong creative ideas & layouts and determine the strategy and goals for an advertising campaign, raise awareness of a product or build a strong brand.

Digital Art

Using technology to make my artwork come alive, I’ve been focusing my education on traditional art techniques and skills as well as studying History of Art & Archaeology. I’ve acquired a solid background and gain knowledge in art history, drawing, illustration, color, composition, figure drawing, painting, digital art, and photography. Along with my extensive experience in graphic design, I've become an innovative solution provider.

  • I have been working as a Lead Graphic Designer for LightWave 3D Group (an American 3D software company) from 2012 up to 2018. In 2015, I expanded my skills to copywriting, creating content such as newsletters, artist interviews & press releases. 2012 - 2018

  • I've been working in several graphic and print agencies as a graphic and web designer. I’ve been Project Manager of the Kookaï’s poster campaigns in France, a prestigious French fashion label. 2004 - 2011

Other Skills

Planning, analyzing and presenting ideas efficiently to create visual solutions to communications problems: these are also my main skills.

Time Management

Delivering high-quality products for clients is what matters, but also meeting deadlines and manage projects efficiently. Effective planning and organization are some really important components. Through the years, I have learned how to react, organize and plan my work to solve problems and provide the best possible solution.

Communication & Languages

The ability to communicate is fundamental to everything a designer does. Articulating my ideas and concepts as well as writing well-organized briefs, proposals and instructions are also one of my main skills. Additionally, I’m a French graphic designer currently based in Spain. I also lived 10 years in Italy and I worked for 5 years for an American company based in Los Angeles.

Marketing & Social Media

Through the years, I’ve developed and managed online marketing campaigns for the LightWave 3D Group, driving brand awareness, engagement, and traffic to social media pages. I’ve built social media posts, advertising, and promotions across social media platforms and blogs. I’m also using social networks to share experiences, express my point of view about Design and showcase my works.


I have a strong experience using all the Adobe Creative Suite CC products: Photoshop / Lightroom / Illustrator / InDesign / Dreamweaver / Fireworks / After Effects / Animate & Mobile Device Packaging / Acrobat. I can work on Windows or Mac operating systems. I also have full experience in Blogging platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger as well as in Google Analytics.

Johanna is gifted with an amazing artistic eye and design sense as well as having the vast technical knowledge and skill for any type of design work that can be imagined.

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My Interests and hobbies

I love art exhibitions, photography, books, Sci-Fi and horror movies, sports, sunsets, healthy food, yoga & meditation, positive persons, experiencing new things in life, traveling and having fun.