Frú Frú

Branding, Packaging & Web Design

Frú Frú is an Italian restaurant, located in Fermo, where you can eat fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits in a French bistro's style. Frú Frú's menu is inspired by French gastronomy, using high-quality Italian ingredients and integrating elements from contemporary kitchens.

My job as an art director and brand developer was to create an identity that could glorify the traditional French kitchen values and emphasized the quality of homemade cooking, using fresh local products. With this in mind, all kind of marketing supports has been designed: logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, menu, packaging, flyer, poster, sticker. Simple, elegant and intuitive web design has been also created, offering a great user experience to customers.

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Frú Frú Restaurant


Branding, Packaging, Web Design

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